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work at home jobs



There are various legitimate ways to earn money through Internet.

A detailed List of choices is given here:

Administrative Assistant & Data Entry
Accounts & Bookkeeping
Customer Care/Virtual Call Center Jobs
Courthouse Researcher
Demonstrator and Merchandising
Earn Money from Handwriting
Events & Promotional
Earn from Photos & Artwork
Forum Posting
Focus Groups
Freelance Marketplace
Guides & Researchers
Medical Coding
Medical Transcription
Misc Work at Home Jobs
Mystery Shopping
Non-Medical Transcription
Online Surveys - Paid
Online Tutor, Instructor & Mentor
Online Mock Jurors and Trials
Paid to Drive with Ads on Car
Subject Experts - Get Paid to Advice
Translation & Interpreter
Virtual Psychic and Astrology
Voice Over Talents
Writing, Editing, Proofreading


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In this article, we are going to see some of the companies who are working as VIRTUAL CALL CENTRES .These are companies who want to utilize the untapped resource of experienced and skilled people. You can work online by sitting in yourhome. The essential things are: You should have an Internet connection at their home.

Caution: Before Registering with any of such companies, have a through check on the company. Because there are lot of fraud companies.


You should do lot of search on Internet to know how these companies are functioning...



This site is OK for those who want to do CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE JOBS. This sites recruits people only from CERTAIN COUNTRIES like USA. However, read this information given below to have a general knowledge on this topic.


A general information about WestAtHome.Com

Excerpts from the WestAtHome Site:

Working for an established, stable and progressive company is an advantage in itself, but there are so many more reasons to consider employment with West at Home. Thousands of individuals from all over the country are taking advantage of the freedoms, cost savings and flexibility of employment with West at Home – isn't it time you considered this outstanding opportunity?

Whatever your motivation is to work from home, West at Home may be the perfect option for you. Just imagine conducting business in the comfort of your own home and:

Eliminating high transportation costs
Adding more time to your day by eliminating your commute to work
Having the flexibility you need for your family and other activities
Enjoying life without a dress code
Receiving paid training conducted online in your own home
Earning a guaranteed hourly wage working a schedule that you design
Representing Fortune 500 and other large companies
Working for one of Forbes Magazine top privately owned companies

Let us see how a Registered Person spends his time during a day:

Excerpts from the WestAtHome Site:

One of the greatest benefits of being a West at Home Agent is the ability to design your own work schedule. We understand the importance of work-life balance. That is why West at Home Agents find employment with us so appealing. West at Home utilizes a state-of-the-art scheduling system providing real-time access to all available work hours right at your fingertips. This system allows you to create a schedule that works for you – from creating a schedule for the next week to adding hours to your schedule the same day, it's all possible. You simply select the days and hours that work for you and with a few clicks of the mouse, you will be set to take calls!

Life as a West at Home Agent
Let's look at a typical day of one of our West at Home Agents to give you an idea just how your day could look.

Jessica is busy preparing her three kids for the school day, making lunches, serving breakfast and reviewing homework assignments.

8-00 AM : Jessica logs onto the computer right on time and at 8:02 a.m. receives her first call from a customer requesting assistance with his wireless phone bill. She continues to handle a variety of issues from incoming callers. During downtime she takes the time to review notes on product updates and also checks her home page to review her personal performance measures to determine in what areas she may need to hone her skills. She works up to 11-00 AM

9-00 PM: Jessica logs back into the West at Home system for a short one hour shift. One caller has a question that she just isn't certain how to answer, so Jessica instant chats one of the on-staff Team Leaders for assistance. Her question is quickly answered and she successfully completes the call. In between calls, she checks the schedule and chooses to sign up for some extra hours for the upcoming weekend. At 9:58 p.m. she completes her last call, checks her stats one more time and then logs out for the night.


Like any employer, West at Home expects good attendance. This means you must be ready to take calls once you log into the system. As you can see from the example above, Jessica always made sure her work space was properly set up and she had all the necessary job aids and websites on hand to effectively support her customers. And, for those questions Jessica didn’t have answers for, she always had her Operations Team on call to help make her home-based business the best it could be.

Working from Home Doesn't Get Any Better Than This.
Apply online, interview from home, complete paid training via interactive computer based programs at your pace, design your own schedule and receive 24 x 7 support from an Operations team that has a vested interest in your success. All of this from the comfort of your own home! As you can see each day as a Work at Home Agent offers freedoms, new experiences and opportunities.




Excerpts from the WestAtHome Site:

Q: What will I be doing as a West At Home employee?
A: Depending on the project, you may be obtaining, entering and verifying customer information, answering questions, resolving issues, explaining sales features or offering additional products or services, all while providing exceptional customer service.

Q: Does West At Home offer benefits?
A: Some of the many benefits of being a West At Home employee are:

Flexibility – You get to set your own hours and work around your schedule!
No commute – No drive to work with expensive gas bills!
No dress code – You wear what you want – no dry cleaning bills!
Medical and dental benefits - You have the option to take advantage of medical and dental related benefits from an outside provider!
Most importantly – Work from the privacy and comfort of your own home!
This opportunity does not offer insurance or vacation related benefits.

Q: What can you tell me about pay?
A: West At Home offers schedules based on either per minute rate, per call OR guaranteed hourly rate. If total earnings (whether via per minute, per call or guaranteed hourly rate) are less than minimum wage, employee compensation will be trued up to meet their local minimum wage requirements (our employees will always earn the greater of the two pay scales). West At Home employees are paid on a biweekly basis and Direct Deposit and/or Pay Card options are available immediately!

Q: Will I be paid for training?
A: Yes, you will be paid an hourly wage for training! Training is conducted online from the comfort of your own home!

Q: Will I ever be required to go to a West location during my employment at home?
A: No, this West At Home opportunity exists from the privacy and comfort of your home!

Q: What can I expect during the application process?
A: Our online application process is user friendly and only takes approximately 35 minutes to complete! First you will complete an application followed by a skills assessment. Upon successful completion of this step, you will complete an automated interview – right from your home! You will receive communication via email after your automated interview so be sure to check your email often. If you have been selected for a position with West At Home, you will receive an automated offer acceptance letter that you must sign, followed by online employment paperwork. We also conduct a criminal history check on all of our employees. Please be advised that due to a tremendous response, there may be a delay between time of phone interview and when you hear from West at Home. We appreciate your patience.

Q: How will I receive communication from West At Home?
A: Email is our primary source of communication to our applicants and employees, so please be sure to reference your email often.

Q: How do I check on the status of my application?
A: We are extremely excited to announce the release of a new self help web page that will allow you to check the current status of your application. Simply visit West at Home Employment Application Process Site and click I'm Returning. Please enter your Email Address and last name to login. Then, click on the 'View Application Status' link to get the latest information on where you stand.

Q: What type of PC equipment is required in order for me to pursue the West At Home program?
A: Computer Hardware:

Computer Type: PC compatible (sorry, no Macs)
Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 or Higher
Monitor Size: 15 inches or greater
Minimum OS Version: Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
Minimum RAM: 256 MB or higher for Windows XP SP2. 512 MB or higher for Windows Vista
Minimum Processor Type: AMD Athlon, AMD Duron, Celeron or Pentium III or better
Minimum Processor Speed: 1 GHZ (1000 MHz) or better
Minimum Graphic Resolution: 1024 x 768 16 bit
Sound card with speakers or headset for training audio (During call processing a headset that is attached to your phone is required.)
Internet Connection: DSL or Cable connection only (Sorry, no modem access OR Satellite connections.)
NOTE: DSL or Cable internet connection is required. Wireless networks, such as WiFi connections and cordless laptop connections are not supported for troubleshooting by the West At Home Helpdesk. If you have a technical issue while using a wireless connection we will be unable to troubleshoot your issue as the root cause could be the wireless network connection.

Q: What is the West At Home Helpdesk Assistant?
A: The West At Home Helpdesk Assistant is a free diagnostic tool offered by West Corporation that will check your PC to see if it is ready for a successful experience as a West At Home Agent by verifying the PC requirements are met. Helpful links are also included to provide you with access locations for downloading required free software.

NOTE: This tool will ask for a valid West At Home UserID and Password, so you must have completed the application process to use this tool.

Q: Does West At Home have employees in every state?
A: This opportunity is available in many areas throughout the United States. You may check your eligibility by going through our online application process.



This is another online-job company

Let us have a look at the comments made by a person about this company in a forum :

... I've been working for Willows since Sept of 2007. That's how I earn my income from home. They are a legitimate company to work for. However, you would have to incorporate your business and pay for all your client training fees. But it is all worth it because my first paycheck I made back my initial investments back and more.

There are many working full time earning full time income. I only work part time right now because I am currently training on a 2nd client. However, with my client right now, I average about $15-$20 an hour which my bonus incentative pay because it is a sales client....

You should not rely on a SINGLE COMMENT.

Try Google Search about this company.



Few lines from this site....

Customer Service Representative (Work From Home)

How would you like to work from the comfort of your own home;

enjoy flexible hours;

use your personal computer to help us meet our clients needs?

Sound too good to be true? Think there’s a catch? Well there isn’t. As you can see from our home page, we work primarily with the newspaper industry. Our customer service representatives work from their homes making customer service calls for our newspaper clients. In most instances, we are checking on the customer’s service and reporting back to the newspaper so they can take appropriate action. Although working from home sounds great you have to remember that it is a real job and you need to display the same dedication and effort you would display for an office job.

To juggle home and work responsibilities, you need self-discipline and a schedule, but the nice thing about working for us is that you can readjust your schedule each week to accommodate personal needs. Plus child-care, wardrobe and transportation are virtually non-existent.........more Details




Few Lines from the site

ClickNwork manages a unique service that allows experienced and home-based professionals to deliver business services to companies worldwide.

It works like this:

We partner with companies to see what work we can complete for them remotely. Pretty much every company has something that can be done remotely (research, report preparation, data entry, writing, analysis...)

Assignments might be permanent, temporary, full-time, part-time or ad hoc.

From the ClickNwork network we identify people capable of completing the work accurately and reliably; where necessary we build teams. Sometimes we advertise to locate the right people.

All candidates must pass rigorous tests before being assigned work. We also take up references as part of our background check.

Experienced managers quality check all our work. If ever individuals fail to meet quality standards we quickly replace them.

Sometimes clients require that people be in the same country or time-zone, otherwise we can complete the work anywhere.

We manage assignments at the ClickNwork website and by using email. We can also access client servers through secure remote connections that allow us to complete work without data ever leaving the client's server. Some clients provide laptops to individuals to give them access to internal systems and to integrate them more seamlessly.
All applicants must have a reliable broadband-connected PC and excellent English.

Companies value the cost savings we bring as well as the greater flexibility such as overnight processing and the ability to quickly scale capacity
Read about our home-based opportunities and read how other people make ClickNwork work for them.

Please see our FAQs if you have questions.

If you want to join our network, please register and enter your details.
If you're from a company and want to learn more about tapping this great resource, please read more, or just contact us.


FAQ from the site

Q: What would I be doing as a Customer Care Professional for Alpine Access?

A: Almost everyone has had a need to call a customer service center to resolve an issue, order an item, or ask a question. Alpine Access Customer Care Professionals (CCPs) receive these customer calls and provide services requested, all from the comfort of the CCP’s home office.


Q: How do I apply to become a CCP with Alpine Access?

A: All applications are to be completed online (via the website). If you would like to apply, please go to,click on “Careers”, then “Apply to be a CCP”.


Q: What is the process and timelines to apply?

A: Immediately upon submission of your application, you should receive an email response verifying that we did indeed receive your application. If you meet our home office requirements, you will receive an invitation to complete the Pre-Interview screening, which is the first step in the evaluation/interview process. This screening allows Alpine Access to compare your unique skills, work experience and qualifications with the ideal CCP profile as provided by our clients. You will also be asked to complete a technical skills test, which will be used to evaluate your computer skills. The application process is designed to give both Alpine Access and you, the applicant, a clear picture if this type of role will be a good fit. If it is not, we will both know.

If you successfully pass the pre-interview screening, you will be invited to complete a Voice Audition so we can learn a bit more about you. If we feel that you meet the qualities of a successful Alpine Access CCP, you will then receive an invitation to complete the Alpine Access Skills Assessment. Those applicants whose skill set matches the skill set required for success as a CCP will then receive an invitation to schedule a telephone interview with an Alpine Access recruiter. During the interview, you will learn more about Alpine Access and the opportunities we have for new Customer Service/Sales CCPs. If the interview is successful and we have a program opportunity that matches your skill set, availability and interest, you will receive a job offer!! That wasn’t too tough, was it!

Upon receiving a job offer, you will be given instructions to apply for a background check. Alpine Access now requires that ALL new employees successfully pass this background check. The cost of this step is a payment of $45.00. This payment can be made by credit card or check card and is handled securely online by our reputable background check partner. Again, this is NOT an up-front fee; we only require people who have been offered a position with the company to complete this step of the process. Please note that some programs also require a drug test. There is no charge for drug testing.


Q: Is there a fee to apply to become a CCP with you?

A: There is no fee to apply to become an Alpine Access employee. As mentioned above, Alpine Access requires anyone who has received a job offer to complete a background check and credit check to confirm questions asked on the initial application for employment. The cost of this background check is a fee of $45.00. Again, this is NOT an up-front fee; we only require people who have been offered a position with the company to complete this step of the process. Please note that some programs also require a drug test. There is no additional charge for drug testing.


Q: What are the requirements for passing the credit check?

A: A passing credit result is required to become a new employee. A passing credit result is having four or fewer negatives in the last four years. Negatives include collection accounts, unpaid charge-offs, public records which include liens on assets, and repossessions.

** If you are not sure you will meet these specific credit requirements, please request a copy of your credit report (such as with TRANSUNION at ) and review this report before continuing with your application. Please note that our credit report might differ slightly from the credit report that you obtain. Thank you!


Q: Are there required meetings at the corporate office (or anywhere)?

A: Although you are always welcome to come visit our headquarters in Denver, Colorado, there are no requirements that you ever do so. Some of our clients occasionally request that we have CCPs visit local retail outlets or other local offices of their business in order to better acquaint CCPs with what they do. This is not common.


Q: Is there an initial face-to-face interview in your offices?

A: No - we do all interviews over the phone.


Q: Are your CCPs actual employees of your company or are they independent contractors?

A: All of our CCPs are employees of Alpine Access. As an employee of Alpine Access you are not required to fulfill the costly and extensive obligations that are required of an independent contractor, including filing as an S corp or LLC, filing quarterly tax returns, being responsible for all FICA and Social Security payments, and maintaining ongoing legal and accounting records. In addition, we don’t expect our CCPs to bear the risk of not being paid between calls (particularly during slow call periods) or the expense of costly training, both of which are typical in an independent contractor relationship. Most importantly, however, our CCPs are an integral part of our team and our culture; a status that really can only be achieved as an employee.


Q: Where would I find a list of Corporate job openings?

A: Corporate job openings and related information can be found on the Corporate Careers page.


Q: Are there career advancement opportunities?

A: We have many examples of CCPs who have moved into other positions within Alpine Access. Due to the overwhelming percentage of our employees who are CCPs (more than 95%); however we prefer to reasonably set your expectations that there are fewer career advancement opportunities in Corporate Headquarters. In any event, you will be having so much fun talking with our client’s customers that you will soon realize why we consider our CCPs to be at the top of our organizational chart!


Let me warn you again.

Eventhough there are

lot of legitimate and genuine companies,

more than 80% companies are

just frauds.

So Move cautiously.

Fraud Sample 1 : Suppose , you Register for TYPING AT HOME.. They may send you a cd for free. All you have to do is to type these home typist ads, place them on the Internet, and sell them to more people like you. Finally you yourself will become a scammer by this scam.

Fraud sample 2: EMAIL CHAIN : If you send an amount to the top addresses on the list and pass them on to more addresses, you can get your name added to the list. You will become millionaire because other people will send you money as well. Alas. These mails are designed in such a manner that only the top names receive all the money and not you.


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